If all parties have agreed to mediate, please call (206) 636-8792 or email with several alternative available dates and location. Steve is also happy to assist in obtaining the agreement of others to mediate. 


Online mediations are generally conducted over Zoom, which can be setup to create a very similar experience to an in-person mediation. The parties will be in private breakout rooms where they can confidentially talk with their attorneys. Parties and attorneys can participate from their homes or offices. Steve will join you in the virtual rooms just as he would in a law firm conference room. Online mediations work.


A flat rate of $2,000 per party is typically charged for all mediations. The flat rate includes, but is not limited to, convening the mediation, studying the parties’ written materials, conducting pre-hearing conferences with the parties,  preparing for the mediation, conducting the mediation, and reasonable follow-up time. Half-day and hourly rates are also available upon request.